You Must Visit India’s Top Secret Destinations


There are many such places in India that everyone is aware of, but we will tell you about some of the secrets and adventures filled with thrills, which many people know about. Let’s know which places are …
If you want to travel and are thinking that you can go to some place in India that is full of mystery and adventure and which you do not yet know about. Or say that you want to explore that beautiful place, let us know about some of the top secret destinations, where you will get the chance to be adventurous with romance and all the colors of nature …

Bishnupur, West Bengal

Upon listening to Bengal’s name, Kolkata city is full of our hearts and minds, but once you go to Bishnupur, you will also forget Calcutta. Yes, this place talks about a different story of Bengal. This place is known for its beautiful artifacts and temples of music, brass and terracotta. Here is the oldest temple built of bricks in the shape of the river pyramid. It was built by King Veer Hambira in the 16th century. During that time, statues of the entire city were brought to the temple during the Ras festival. To see this, tourists came from far and wide. There are many such temples here. It would not be wrong to call it the city of temples.

McCluskieganj, Jharkhand

This place was once home to 400 Anglo-Indian families. This place still tells the tribal story hidden in the pages of the past. Tell that the tourists or tourists who visit here are visiting this place with a different feeling. Because of its beauty, Konkona Sen Sharma shot the film ‘Death in the Gunj’ here. This place is known as the romantic destination among locals and especially the people of West Bengal.

Latpanchar, Darjeeling

By going to here you will feel the nature very close to nature. You will feel as the nature is touching you from all sides. Here you are familiar with a different color of Darjeeling. The lively views of the small village of Latpanchar will be seen and different peace will be realized. If you have an attachment to birds then you are in the right place. This place is also known for bird watching. Latpanchar is 44 kilometers from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station.

Mana, Uttarakhand

This is called the last village of India. ‘Mana’ is also known for specialty herbs. Apart from this, this place is also very special in spirituality as Ganesh cave, Vyas cave, Vasudhara, Bhimpul and Saraswati temple are located here. It is also recognized that Shri Vyas ji had composed the Puranas here. While talking about Vasudhara, this waterfall is so high that it is difficult to see it completely at one go. Also, when its water falls down, it looks as if the pearls are falling. This amazing view of nature introduces you to adventures separately.

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