Tourist Place to Visit in Rainy Season in India


Rainy season is such a time of year in which many people like to stay at home and want to avoid dirt and mud. On the other hand, there are some people who like to walk in the rainy season, because the natural places in this season become very beautiful and attractive. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of the world, then rainy season is the best for this. Nature’s views can be enjoyed by roaming in this weather off-site. If you also want to enjoy walking around in the rain, read this article, here we are telling you about the tourist places where you can visit the rainy season in India, where you can enjoy walking around in the coming monsoon. .

Places to visit in India in rainy season

Nadiya, waterfalls, and natural scenes give you a beautiful view in the rainy season, which has an amazing view in itself.


When it comes to good places to roam, Darjeeling’s name comes in. Although Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful and natural tourism of India, it is known for its tea gardens, green mountains and its beauty, but traveling in Darjeeling during the rainy season is really very special experience. During the monsoon this place becomes even more green and beautiful. Darjeeling is famous for its toy train. Traveling in this train gives tourists a special experience. Let us tell you that this toy train has been given place in UNESCO World Heritage list.

Darjeeling: Who can go to the rain in India?
Nature lovers, honeymooners, family members

The place to visit in Darjeeling in the rain:
Travel to tea plantation, visit to the monastery, toy train ride, shopping.

Major attractions of Darjeeling city of India:
Batsia Loop, Shanti Pagoda, Tiger Hill, Japanese Temple, Rock Garden etc.

Time of monsoon in Darjeeling (June – September)
Heavy rains in Darjeeling stop some tourist activities – during which toy train and cable car rides can be temporarily suspended, but the rainy weather in the city is pleasant. Darjeeling is very attractive in the monsoon, if you are touring sights and fascinating scenes.


If you want to enjoy the monsoon, then Karnataka is a very good place. In south India, there is a crowd of tourists in the month of July-August in Karnataka. Let us tell you that the mountains and valleys are home to many waterfalls, these waterfalls look very beautiful in the rainy season, which attract tourists in large numbers only. In the rainy season this place looks exactly like heaven. Let us know that there is also a sunset point where there is a clear view of the Arabian Sea.

Who can go to Karnataka in the monsoon:
Nature lovers, honeymooners

In the rainy season, said in Karnataka:
Sunset points, waterfalls

Major attractions in Karnataka:
Mysore Palace, Bangalore Palace, Vithala Temple, Virupaksha Temple Hampi etc.

Monsoon Season (Karnataka, July) in Karnataka
In Karnataka every year, monsoon season is maintained every year from July to September, during this time the temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius on the basis of the area.


Kausani is a small village situated in Uttarakhand state, which is known for its natural beauty. This place becomes very beautiful in the rainy weather, because in this season the clouds come to the top of the house and this village is seen only in heaven. As the rainy season starts, the atmosphere here becomes very attractive. If you are looking for a good place to roam the rain, then once you travel Kausani.

Who can go in the monsoon season Kausani roam:
Nature Lover

What to do in Kausani’s journey in the rain:
Trekking, sightseeing

Major tourist and attractions in Kausani:
Gandhi Ashram, Rudradhari Falls and Caves, tea plantations, Anasakshi Ashram, pearl farm, Baijnath temple etc.

Monsoon (June-August) in Kausani
The monsoon season is considered off-season for the visit of Kausani. It starts in June and runs till September. This place has moderate rainfall which transforms it into a lush heaven.


Panchgani is one of the best places to visit in the Indian state of Maharashtra. By the way, you can visit Panchgani in any month of the year, but in the rainy season this place becomes even more beautiful. Panchgani is located at an altitude of 1334 meters, when tourists visit this place during monsoon season, it appears green in place. For nature lovers and tourists, Panchgani is like paradise. Traveling to Panchgani during the rainy season will give you an incredible experience.

Who can be the best place to roam in the rain Panchgani:
Nature Lover

What should be done in rainy season in Panchgani:
Trekking, sightseeing

Monsoon in Panchgani (July – September)
There is a very special place for Panchgani, hill station and monsoon lovers. Here after the hot summer, there is raining in July, resulting in a significant drop in temperature. The monsoon season replenishes vegetation in this area, which results in dryness in the environment and turn into a dry terrain, green landscape.

Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal is a very good place to visit in the rainy season in Tamil Nadu. Let us know that Kodaikanal is a mountainous region that is completely green. During the monsoon, greenery is increasing all over here and the weather becomes very pleasant. If you are planning to travel somewhere in the rainy season and want to enjoy the full pleasure of your journey, then do visit Kodaikanal.

Who can visit Kodaikanal of Tamilnadu in rainy season in India:
Nature Lover

On the journey of KodiKanal of Tamil Nadu, it is said:
Going on trekking, sightseeing, boating

Major attractions in Kodaikanal:
Kodai Lake, Pillar Rock, Devil’s Kitchen, Cockers Walk

Kodaikanal (June-September) in monsoon season
Kodaikanal has average rainfall during the monsoon season. With the fresh greenery around the place in the monsoon this place takes a new look and becomes a paradise for tourists.

Munnar Kerala

If you want monsoon season to go to some beautiful place then there is no better place for you than Munnar located in Idukki district of Kerala. Tell you that Munnar is a very attractive and mind-blowing hill station situated at an altitude of 1600 ft above sea level, with the surrounding scenes making the heart happy. In the monsoon season, Munnar becomes even more beautiful and the green atmosphere around here gives the tourists an undisturbed eye. Let us tell you that in Munnar there are three rivers – Madurupajaha, Nalathani and Kundali – in one place.

Who can go to Munnar in the monsoon season:
Nature lovers, honeymakers

What can turn on Munnar Trip:
Plantation Tourism, Places of Interest, Bird Sanctuary

Major sights and attractions in Munnar:
Madhurpajahaha, Nallathani and Kundali river

Monsoon (July – November) in Munnar
Many people survive in Monnaar due to the rain, because of the rain, sightseeing of nearby cities can be disrupted. But let us tell you that the monsoon’s masun is a good time to visit Munnar.


Cherrapunji is a city of India’s Meghalaya. Let’s tell you Cherrapunji is a very nice place to enjoy the rain. This is a place where it rains throughout the year, if you want to enjoy the rainy season, then you should visit the place here. Cherrapunji is located 53 kilometers away from Shillong. Here is a Nohalkalikai waterfall that you must go to see during your visit.

Who can go in the rainy season Cherrapunji:
Honeymooners, nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts

Things to do in Cherrapunji:
Trekking, boating, sightseeing tours

Major attractions in Cherrapunji:
Nohkalikai Falls, Mawsamai Cave, Living Route Bridge, Mwadok Damp Valley, Seven Sister Falls etc.

Monsoon (June – September) in Cherrapunji
From September to May you have good facilities in Cherrapunji. In June, the driest month has most of the rainfall. July and August are also heavy rainfall months and in these 3 months you should avoid traveling.

Zero Arunachal Pradesh

Zero Valley is a major tourist destination of Arunachal Pradesh which becomes very beautiful during the rain. Zero Arunanchal is one of the most beautiful places of the state, if you want to see the real beauty of this place, then you must make a visit here in the rainy season. Zero Valley is a place where you will never forget the journey.

Arunachal Pradesh: Who can go roaming in the monsoon?
Nnature lover

Things to do in Arunachal Pradesh:
Boating, sightseeing tours

Zero’s major attractions:
Boat ride

Monsoon in Zero (July – October)
During the monsoon from July to September, there is strong rainfall in Zero, and many outdoor activities are stopped.


Udaipur is a major city and tourist destination of Rajasthan which becomes very beautiful in rainy days. If you are going to Udaipur, then you should make a trip here in the rainy days. This town is situated in the Aravali hill, which is also known as the City of Lakes. During the monsoon, the lakes here look very attractive.

Udaipur tour in rain can be for whom special:
Heritage lovers, Honeymooners

Visit Udaipur Trip:
Boating, Sightseeing

Major attractions of Udaipur:
City Palace, Pichola, Monsoon Palace, Fateh Sagar Lake, Gulab Bagh, Moti Magari etc.

Monsoon (July-September) in Udaipur
The monsoon season begins in Udaipur in July and remains till the end of September. During this, the temperature varies between 25 ° C to 35 ° C, making the city warmly pleasant.


Majuli is the world’s largest river island in Assam, surrounded by Mahanadi Brahmaputra from all four sides. Let us know that the city has been a cultural center since ancient times, but the island is now shrinking rapidly. If you are looking for some good place in monsoon then go for the beauty of Majuli.

Who can go roaming in the rainy season:
Heritage lovers, honeymakers

Things to do in Majuli:
Boating, sightseeing

Major attractions in Majuli:
Brahmaputra river, boating

Monsoon (July-September) in Majuli
The monsoon season starts from the month of July and increases till September. The rainy season brings a new freshness in the atmosphere of Majuli. The temperature in the monsoon season lasts around 20 degrees Celsius, and the weather is cold throughout the season.

Leh Ladakh

If you are looking for a good place to roam during the monsoon season, Ladakh can be a good option for you. Ladakh’s magnificent lake, rivers and tall trees are quite attractive in the rainy season. It comes as it comes in the rainy season, like it has come in a dream world. In Ladakh, you can also visit Hemis National Park, Khardung-la Pass, Pangong Taso Lake, Spituk Gompa, Jangsar Valley.

Who can be in the rain on the Ladakh Trip:
Nature lovers, honeymakers

The place to roam in Ladakh in rainy season:
Scenic sightseeing such as Hemis National Park, Khardung-La Pass, Pangong Taso Lake, Spituk Gompa, Jangsar

Major attractions in Ladakh:
Thikse Mutt, Pangong Tso Lake, Khardungla Pass, Nubra Valley, Lamauuru Math

Leh in Ladakh (July-August)
There is heavy rainfall in most places of Ladakh from the end of July to the middle of September. Rain makes roads very dangerous to drive or walk.


Dharamshala is a very beautiful tourist spot located in the Kangra district of the state of Himachal Pradesh. If you want to get to some good place in the rainy season, Dharamsala is a perfect place for you. Here tourists can enjoy rainy season with forests and mountains.

Why is Dharamshala in monsoon season special:
Nature lovers, honeymakers

What can you do in the rainy season:
Sightseeing tour

Top attractions in Dharamshala:
HPCA Stadium, Tibetan Museum, Kalachakra Temple, Kangra Valley and War Memorial

Monsoon (July-September) in Dharamsala
Dharamshala has heavy rains from July to August and the temperature ranges from 18 to 22 degree Celsius.


Pachmarhi is a major hill station located in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh state, which is a good place to roam in the rainy season. Pachmarhi is also known for its many ancient sites besides many natural attractions. Together, this tourist spot is perfect for roaming in the rainy season.

Who can go to Pachmarhi in the rain:
Nature lovers, honeymooners, history lovers

Said in Pachmarhi can roam:
Visit to sights and temples

Monsoon in Pachmarhi (July – September)
Pachmarhi has experienced moderate rainfall and pleasant weather during this time of year. Typically, the average temperature of 785 mm is between 20 to 28 degrees Celsius. During and after the monsoon, Pachmarhi looks very beautiful around with mist, fog and clouds.

 Flower Valley of India

The flowering valley located in Uttarakhand is one of the best places to roam in the rain. This tourist destination has been rated World Heritage Site. After the rain only flowers are seen in this place. The valley of flowers is one of the highest valleys in the Himalayas. Let us tell you that there are various species of flowers found here. Seeing beautiful flowers here in the rainy season can give you a special experience.

The valley of flowers is special for:
nature lover

Places to see in the rainy season:

Major attractions in the valley of flowers:
Endangered animals, including flower canyon, Asian black bears, snow leopards and birds.

Monsoon in the Valley of Flowers (July – September)
This is the best time to visit the Valley of Flowers, because the monsoon showers give rise to attractive colors of many colors here.


Mahabaleshwar is a major hill station of the state of Maharashtra which becomes very attractive in the rainy season. A lot of tourists come here in the monsoon season. After being wet in rain water in the green environment here you will feel very fresh. If you are looking for a good place to roam in the rain, then travel to Mahabaleshwar.

Who can go Mahabaleshwar:
Nature lover

During the rainy season, Mahabaleshwar:

Major attractions in Mahabaleshwar:
Mahabaleshwar Strawberry is also known for its many rivers, magnificent springs and majestic peaks.

Monsoon in Mahabaleshwar (July – October)
Monsoon is huge and widespread in Mahabaleshwar. During the monsoon months of July to September, the temperature lasts 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. This means that during the monsoon, the climate is wet, cold and often misty.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a beautiful place because of being a hill station in Rajasthan. People come from far away to visit this tourist destination. This place looks very beautiful in the rainy season, when the sky is clouded. Mount Abu is the right choice for those who are looking for a perfect place for nature, spirituality and adventure.

Who can go Mount Abu:
Honeymooners, nature lovers

Things to do in Mount Abu:
Boating, sightseeing tours

Monsoon in Mt Abu (July – October)
For nature lovers, Monsoon Mount Abu is an ideal time to go. Even though this area has less rainfall, but the rain showers also make the place fresh and green.


Goa will be one of the best places to roam in India’s rainy season. During the monsoon on the land of beaches, sand is a great place to enjoy the rainy season and picturesque scenery. It is the perfect place to soak in the rain and here you can enjoy some good dishes.

Who can go to Goa in the monsoon season:

Nature lover, adventure enthusiasts, beach lover,

What can you do on a Goa trip?

Jet Sky, Scuba, Trekking, Heritage Tour, Shopping, Birdwatching

Top attractions in Goa:

Waterfalls, architecture, food, inexpensive liquor

Monsoon Season (July – September) in Goa

Most people go to Goa due to sunshine and sandy beaches, but during the rain many people avoid traveling. Beach water facilities, as well as other water sports, such as scuba-diving, are usually closed in monsoon.


Mandu is a tourist destination situated in the Dhar district of the state of Madhya Pradesh. This tourist spot is located at a height of 2000 feet in the hills of Vindhya and is one of the best places to roam during the rainy season. If you are going to Mandu in the rainy season, you can also visit many scenic places here.

Who can go roaming in the rain:
Nature lover, adventure enthusiasts, history lovers,

What can you travel in Mandu Travel?

Major attractions of Mandu:

Ship palace, Hindola palace, Shahi Hammam

Monsoon (July – September) in Mandu

Planning to travel Mandu from July to September. In this season there is less rush and rainfall average.


One of the best places to visit in monsoon, which receives the heaviest rain in the rainy season. Surrounded by the picturesque valleys of the beautiful hills and jungle hills decorated with many waterfalls, Shillong presents a panoramic view of the green scenery. If you are looking for a good place to roam in a monsoon, then travel to Shillong.

Who can go to Shilong roam in the rain:

Honeymooners, nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts

Things to do in Shillong:

Wildlife viewing, trekking, boating

Major attractions in Shillong:

Elephant Falls, Shillong Peak, Umiyam Lake, Don Bosco Museum, Mavasiranam etc.

Monsoon in Shillong (July – September)

In Shillong every year between July and September the monsoon season remains. This area falls drastically during the season. The average annual rainfall is around 3300 mm and the temperature is between 12 ° C and 16 ° C.

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