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Top 7 Best World Famous Foods of Uttarakhand India

Famous food of Uttarakhand – Everyone is crazy about the beauty of Uttarakhand, but lest you forget to see the beauty of Uttarakhand itself. It is said that a person who once tastes the traditional cuisine of Uttarakhand, never forgets that taste.) If you too are planning to go to Uttarakhand and are wondering where to go and What to eat, know what you should eat in Uttarakhand.

Top 7 Famous Food of Uttarakhand

Cannabis sauce

One of the famous chutneys of Uttarakhand is cannabis chutney. Cannabis chutney is made by grinding hemp seeds, cumin garlic leaves, tamarind and salt together and you can eat this chutney with any dish.

Ghat dal parathas

This paratha is the famous food of Uttarakhand. This paratha is made by filling ghat lentils with wheat or madua (ragi) flour. Gahat parathas are eaten with desi ghee, hemp sauce or any pickle.


Different types of pulses are used in this dish. After keeping those pulses soaked all night, the next morning they grind and cook and serve with rice.


Bari is among the oldest traditional dishes of Uttarakhand. Ragi flour is used to make Bari. Cook ragi in water and ghee. People in Uttarakhand also eat with this phanu.


Chensu is made from urad dal and eaten with rice. To make Chensu more delicious, it is made in an iron pot. Being made of lentils, the amount of protein in it is quite high.

Kandali greens

Due to the thorn in Kandali, it is also called scorpion grass. Kandali is cooked to a boil and eaten with rice or roti. Apart from this, Kandali Khichdi is also very good with black lentils and rice. Kandali is eaten to warm the body in winter.


Thinchwani is made by crushing potato or radish. It can be eaten with both rice or roti. If there is a temper of Zakhya or Faran in Thinchwani, then it tastes even more.

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