Top 20 Best Street & Delicious Foods in India


In India, there is very good and good food in big hotels. But there is another speciality of our India, that the street food here which is found in every street, people eat it with great interest, and it does not get loaded on the pocket. Most of the food is not eatable due to the street food being found on the road, but there is plenty of goodness. In Kebab of Lucknow and Chhole Bhathore of Delhi and Mumbai’s Vada Pav, water comes in the mouth. Before eating, eat these 10 Bihari dishes Street food is preferred by everyone, but it is best for school & Colleges. Because it gets everything in less money. Then come to know about “Swadist Street Food” bringing water in such a small mouth.

1. Pani puri

Water puri is found in every corner of India. It is known in the name of Golgpepe in Kolkata and Puchka in Mumbai. Not only girls, but boys also eat big chicks.

2. Vada pav

Vada Bap is Mumbai’s most famous street food. Due to its taste, it can now be eaten in every city of India. Eat it with potato tikki bean.

3. Chaumin

Chaumin is a favorite of children, and we all liked it very much at home also. But there is something else to eat outside Chau Mum.

4. Dosa

Dosa is the main meal of southern India, but due to its taste, it is eaten all over India today. Dosas are also of many types and all like to eat according to their liking.

5. Momos

It is a Chinese dish, it is very popular among children and children in today’s time, it is only found in North India and it is also eaten well. We make Momoz fill it differently. The chutney served with Momos is very tasty and very different to eat.

6. Bhel Puri

Bhelpuri is one of the most famous lakes of Mumbai, which has become very famous all over the world along with India today. It is made by mixing Murmur, Save, Onion, Potato, Keri and various clutches.

7. Egg roll

Egg roll Kolkata is famous, but now it is eaten all over India. It is eaten with onion in a paratha with onion tomatoes and chutney.

8. Vegetable

Vegetable is a kind of vegetable. Which you can create in every way. Then whether it is the vegetable of onion, potatoes, or green chillies.

9. Samosa

The practice of incandescent samosa is very much in India. When people talk about breakfast in the evening, the first thing in their mind is the samosa and the chutney served with it.

10. Jalebi – a sweet

Jalebi is a popular dessert from North India, Pakistan and the Middle East. It is eaten with more curd.

11. Licking

Everybody gets water in the mouth after listening to the name of a flattering chat. When we think of licking, the country also remembers; She trimmed on the side of the road, she could draw anyone’s turban on her side.

12. Chola Batura, a dish

Chole bhatoor is Punjab’s favorite dish. But now it is in Punjab besides Delhi and many meet in nearby cities.

13. Kebab

The lucky kebabs of Lucknow are also very good. Kebab was very much like a carnivorous but kebabs of various types of lentils and other food items are also made for those who are non-vegetarians.

14. Aloo Tikki

Potato tikki is the most popular licking of North India. The aroma of Tikki’s cucumber comes to the mouth only. Potato tikki is served with sour sauce, sweet sauce, curd and top of potato cloves.

15. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is a major West Indian breakfast. This breakfast is very popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat. While making its vegetable, a lot of butter is put in it, whose smell comes from people who draw on it.

16. Maggi

The Maggi house built in just two minutes has been made in the house. The children and the elderly want to eat only Maggi to fill the stomach. Whether it be a century or a whole of vegetables.

17. Shawarma Roll

It is an Arabic dish, but now it is eaten in India too. To make it, ma’anaz, vinegar and grilled chicken are filled in Rumali Roti.

18. Paranthe

Due to Paratha’s delicious aroma, family members know that Parantha is becoming in the house. Junk Parantha is known for its aroma and flavor. These are made in many ways. Whether it is potato paratha, Gobi Paratha, Muli Paratha, Mushroom Parathas or Paratha of Dal.

19. Rabdi

Rabri is the main sweet of Rajasthan and Haryana which is also very popular and affordable and is easily prepared locally.

20. Chops

Chop potatoes are made with egg chicken, fish or vegetables. It is mostly famous in Kolkata.

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