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Think About Kaman and its creepy 84 Khamba temple situated in Rajasthan


Albeit few individuals have caught wind of the subdivisions of Bharatpur locale of Rajasthan, however this spot is viewed as a significant spot amidst religious individuals, particularly among the Vaishnavas. A piece of Kaman is seen from Braj Bhawan where Lord Krishna spent his youth.

Tulsi plants are available in exceptionally huge numbers in the work, because of which it is additionally called Adi Vrindavan. There is a unique woods venture here in the long stretch of Bhadon, wherein individuals of Vaishnava society take an interest from everywhere throughout the nation. In the blustery season, a reasonable is additionally sorted out in the Chil Mahal, which is called Parikrma Mela.

There are additionally some well known and perceived sanctuaries of Rajasthan here. One of them is Chaurasi Khambha Mandir. This sanctuary has 84 columns, on which it has been given its name. There is no icon of any god to a great extent is no love there, yet it is called sanctuary. It is accepted that the rulers who controlled the sanctuary were harming numerous ways, because of which they have lost their unique structure.

Never countable Khamba

The peculiar thing about this sanctuary brings interest up in the vacationer, which draws them here. Actually, no precise number of the accurate number could be distinguished in Chaurasi Khambha sanctuary. Whoever attempts to fathom them, they either give off an impression of being increasingly obvious or less. The occasions it is excluded as various occasions comes.

Yudhishthar’s examination was finished

On the off chance that the nearby individuals accept that the religion kund situated close to this sanctuary is a similar spot where Yakshi had taken Yudhisthira’s examination. In the Mahabharata, we read about this occurrence. In any case, there is no solid proof about how much truth is there in it.

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