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Ooty, Tamilnadu- History, Season & Tourism


Ooty is a beautiful city located in the beautiful hills of Nilgiris. The official name of this city is Utkumand and it has been given the abbreviation of Ooty for convenience of tourists. Located in the south of India, this hill station has many tourists. This city is a part of the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. Its beauty increases due to the Nilgiri hills around Ooty city. These hills are also called Blue Mountains (blue mountains). Some people believe that the name of this place is due to the Kuruji flowers which flourish once in 12 years in the valleys. These flowers are blue and when these flowers blossom, the valleys are painted in blue color. Information about the history of this city can be broken by the tribe as it was the rule of this tribe before the rule of East India Company started in the 19th century.

Tourist places in and around Ooty

Botanical Gardens, Dodabeta Gardens, Ooty Lake, Kalhatti Falls and Flower Show are some of the reasons for which Ooty is famous all over the world. Avelch, the quiet and lovely village of Glenmorgan, Mukturthi National Park, etc. are some of the major tourist spots in Ooty.

How to reach Ooty

Ooty can be reached easily by way and by train. Coimbatore is the nearest airport to Ooty.

Ooty season

Due to the situation of Ooty, the weather here is pleasant all year round. However, the climate is much more cold as compared to other parts of southern India. Colonial Heritage The influence of British culture and architecture can be seen in this city. In fact, many tourists have noticed that this hill station looks like a beautiful British village. Perhaps this is the reason that the maximum income from this city is from tourism. The British were so influenced by the climate and natural beauty that they named this place Ooty “Queen of Hill Station”. For them it was like a hidden treasure because they could not bear the hot and humid weather of any other city in South India. He was so eager to present his claim on this area that he established Madras Regiment in Wellington City, near Ooty. Since that day, Madras has become the center of Regiment in Wellington. Due to this, Ooty became popular as summer / weekend place in British people. This city has the distinction of being the summer capital of the Madras Presidency. British East India Company also developed Ooty and started production of tea, teak and cinchona here in Nilgiris. There are many gardens of tea and coffee in and around Ooty.

The lost history of Ooty

Ooty is an attraction of the old world which is still unmatched today. When you are travelling in Ooty, you get to the old times after seeing the architecture and the design of some buildings. They remind you of past time. There is no history of the fall of Ooty. After the advent of British people, its rise began. However, in the past two centuries, this city has made such history which was never before or which was useless for us. The history of Ooty for the modern world starts after the arrival of the British, mainly since the arrival of soldiers. As soon as you enter this city, you know that the British people have the effect of this city. The architecture of art and buildings, the design of the houses and the style of construction all resemble the British era. British traditions have a profound effect on the lives of local people here. The effect of English dishes on local food items also appears. As a result, you can get the best food meal made in combination with English and Indian spices in Ooty. Together with the hard-working local people, British people succeeded Ooty. A rich cultural heritage can be found only in Ooty. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that Ooty has no historic past or it has no historical value in the development of India.

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