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Munnar is an incredible, magnificent, and lively hill station that is located in the Idukki district. Surrounded by winding hills of mountains, this hill station is located on the Western Ghats. The meaning of Munnar means three rivers which exhibit the area of ​​strange meeting place of the rivers Madurupajah, Nalathani and Kundali. Due to being situated on the border, there are many cultural connections from neighboring states of Munnar, like Tamil Nadu. After the huge demand of tourism destinations, this hill station has started to be popular as Kerala’s major tourist destinations. For the millions of tourists and picnics coming from various cities and other external countries of the country, this hill station is a great place where they can spend their holidays with pleasure.

Accurate, pleasant and Pleasing

Munnar also has a history, the foundation of the colonial and modern era was laid here. The British who first arrived in India, Munnar was very fond of the moment due to the natural beauty and pleasant climate here. After this, this place became a summer reasat for British administration in South India. Rather, Munnar is still the destination of breathtaking in the summer season, with beautiful scenic views and inspiring surroundings. There is everything in Munnar that a nature lover expects from a natural natural place such as a watertight tea plantation, ancient valleys, curved twists on the hills, green land that gives benefits to the health, green vegetation, creatures And new and unique species of flora, dense forest, wild sanctuary, air filled with natural fragrance, good weather and everything else, which leave the tourist The Ian could remember.

Best Tourist Destinations

Munnar offers many options for people to visit, who come here to spend their special holidays. The sightseeing of Munnar is a very enjoyable experience, especially due to the good and soothing weather here. Bikers and trackers consider this place to be a paradise for endexture games, so people with a lot of biking and tracking trails come to Munnar. Tourist can also stroll around or straddle in the quaint plains and trees quarries spread far and wide. It is also an extremely popular activity to see birds as there is also a home of many types of rare species in this area. With the innumerable variety of entertainment choices, Munnars like all kinds of tourists – who want to spend a good time with the family, the children who want to open their hearts, honeymoon couples, energetic youths, adventure buyers and personal backpackers etc. Invites you

One destination for picnics, bikers and trackers

Eravikulam National Park is one of the main attractions of Munnar, which is home to endangered Nilgiri Tahr. The highest peak in South India, Anamudi Peak is located inside this National Park. Tourists coming here, after getting the permission from the forest department, can track the 2700 meter high Anamudi peak. At the same time, 13 km from Munnar Located at a distance of, Matupetty is famous due to the dairy firm being run by the dam, lake and Indo-Swiss livestock project here. The waterfalls situated around Munnar inspire tourists due to their silver-scattered glow and green surroundings. Pallivasal and Chinnaknal (the names of Power House Waterfalls are more famous) Here are two waterfalls that are most sought after. Anirangal reservoir is another prominent place in Munnar. In the hill areas of Munnar, the heritage of tea gardens is displayed in the tea museum run by Tata Tea. Apart from this, the main attractions of Munnar are Potmanamad, Attukal, Rajamala, EcoPoint, Minuni and Nadukani. Top Station, Munnar – Kodikanal is the highest point of the road from where the panoramic views are seen and there is also the house of Nilakkurinji flowers which bloom only once in 12 years.

Season of Munnar

The mountains of Munnar are pleasant weather, where tourists can come for excursions in any of the years.

How to reach Munnar

Munnar, Kerala and Tamil Nadu can be easily reached from both states. Many tourist packages are also available from this part of South India to this great destination. Travelers can select hotels, resorts, home – stay and rest houses to stay at your convenience.

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