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Mount Abu, Rajasthan- Tourism, History & others


Mount Abu is a famous hill station situated in Sirohi district of Rajasthan. It is famous for its natural beauty, cozy climate, green hills, natural lakes, architectural views, beautiful temples and many religious places. This place is one of the famous pilgrimage sites of Jains. This hill station is located at an altitude of 1220 meters on the highest peak of the Aravali mountain. Mount Abu is one of the largest tourist attractions in Rajasthan due to its magnificent history, ancient archaeological sites and wonderful weather. Thousands of tourists and devotees come here every year during mostly summer and during monsoon. In the last decades, this hill station has emerged as a popular tourist destination for summer and honeymoon.

Mythology in Mount Abu

This place is also called ‘Arbudaranya’, which is named after the name of ‘Dev’ Dev ‘Urbuda’. According to legends, the Nagdevas came under this hill to protect the sacred bull Nandi of Lord Shiva. The name of Urbudrenya was later changed to ‘Abu Mountain’ or ‘Mount Abu’. Historically, this place was settled by gujars or gujars and their association with the Mount of Mount is visible in the scriptures and inscriptions found in this area.

Tours in Mount Abu

The main tourist spots of this place are the exact lake, sunset point, todd rock, town of Abu road, guru peak peak and Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary. Mount Abu has many monuments of religious and historical significance, mainly in the Jain temple of Dilwara, Aadha Devi Temple, Milk Bawadi, Shri Raghunath Jee Mandir and Achalgarh Fort.

Reaching the hill

Mount Abu is well connected by wayways, rail and airways. Tourists can take flight of Udaipur to reach here by air, which is approximately 185 km from here. Is at a distance of. The weather here remains pleasant throughout the year, although the summer season is the best place to visit this place.

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