Masala Dosa of India also among the Top ten most delicious dishes in the World

Masala Dosa, a world-renowned South Indian cuisine for its excellent aroma and great taste, has been included in the world’s 10 most popular cuisines by the Huffington Post, America’s most popular Internet newspaper for tourism and food.

The Post has said in this list issued for tourists traveling around the world that these are 10 such delicious dishes that every tourist must taste at least once in their life. This list has been prepared for the letter by the Viator travel team who roam around the world.

The letter said that food and travel always go hand in hand and there can be no better thing than tasting the most famous cuisine to understand any place deeply. The list of these 10 most popular dishes in the world tops the list of Peking duck, the royal dish of China.

According to the letter, it is considered the equivalent of the best Chinese cuisine. It is said about this delicious dish made from the finest spices that every person must taste it once in their life.

A special feature with this duck is that it is harvested for cooking 65 days after birth. It is left to be seasoned with spices after cutting and after that it is roasted with great precaution in a closed or swinging oven.

This dish is not only special in terms of cooking but also has a special way of serving it. The cook offers it in front of the eater and the food enthusiasts enjoy its skin and small pieces. Just try once too.

The Post ranked France’s Iscargotes second on the list. The letter wrote about this recipe made from snails, Roman people used to eat snails in ancient times and now they are eaten from Morocco to Cambodia. Nevertheless, it is the French who made this delicious dish the most popular.

Greece’s national food is Moussaka at number three in this list. This food made of cheese and spices is the Greek answer to the Italian dish Lasagne. Patra has placed South India’s favorite dish Masala Dosa at number four in the list of 10 most delicious dishes.

The letter wrote about the masala dosa that if someone asked to tell their preference about eating a subcontinental vegetarian, my vote would go to the South Indian dish masala dosa. The post said that this dosa, shaped like a paper on a hot pan with rice and lentils, is wonderful to eat. The potato and onion vegetable and sambar given along with it are somewhat unique.

The list includes Italian cuisine Zucchini Flavors fifth, Japan’s Teppanyaki sixth, Malaysia’s seafood curry laksa seventh, Thailand’s Som Tam (green papaya salad) eighth, Australia and New Zealand’s Pavlova ninth and America’s barbecue ribs Is ranked 10th.

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