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India beats South Africa by 6 Wickets-ICC World Cup 2019

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India won the eighth match of World Cup 2019 in Southampton between Team India and South Africa. Team India beat South Africa by six wickets In this match, Team India opener Rohit Sharma has conceded a century to win the team.

In this match South Africa captain Faf du Plessis won the toss and decided to bat first. Earlier, South Africa’s team failed to do anything special. Proteas scored 227 runs losing nine wickets in the allotted 50 overs. At the same time, the Indian team achieved this goal by losing 4 wickets in 47.3 overs.

India won in 47.3 overs

Team India won 230 runs in 47.3 overs to win the match by 6 wickets. Rohit Sharma from India 122 and Hardik Pandya remained unbeaten on 15 runs.

Over 47 overs

India has scored 223 runs in 47 overs losing 4 wickets. To win here, Team India need 5 runs in 18 balls.

MS Dhoni out

On the first ball of the 47th over, MS Dhoni got caught out of Chris Morris’s delivery at the hands of him. Dhoni scored 34 runs in 46 balls.

45 overs end game

After 45 overs the Indian team has scored 208 runs. From here, Team India need 20 runs in 30 balls to win.

Over 43 over game

After 43 overs, Team India scored 193 runs for three wickets. India have to score 35 runs in 42 balls to win.

Rohit’s century

Rohit Sharma completed his hundred in 128 balls. This was his third century in the World Cup. This was his 23rd century in ODI cricket.

India needs 60 runs to win

Team India has to score 60 runs in 66 balls to win. Rohit is unbeaten on 97 runs India scored 168 runs in 39 overs losing three wickets.

Near Rohit century

Rohit has reached the century and is 95 not out India scored 164 for three wickets after 38 overs. Team India has to score 64 runs in 72 balls.

India’s 150 runs completed

150 runs of Indian team complete After 35 overs, Team India has scored 150 runs on the loss of three wickets. At present, Rohit and Dhoni are on the crease.

Indian innings ended 34th over

Team India made 145 runs in three wickets after the end of 34 overs in the second innings. The Indian team has to score 83 runs at 96 balls to win.

India’s third wicket down, Lokesh Rahul was out

Lokesh Rahul was dismissed by 26 runs on Rabada’s delivery. Now Team India has to score 89 runs to win. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has come for batting at number five.

India need 119 runs on 89 balls to win

Rohit and Rahul have shared 85 balls in 94 balls.

Over 30 over game

After the 30 overs were over, Team India scored 129 for two in the second innings. Rohit Sharma is unbeaten on 74 runs

India score 100

The Indian team has scored 102 runs on the loss of two wickets after 26 overs. Rohit is 54 runs while Rahul is unbeaten 18 runs. The 48-run partnership for the third wicket between the two has already been done.

Rohit’s half century

Rohit Sharma has completed his half-century. He made 50 runs off 70 balls. His 42nd half-century in this ODI. India scored 91 runs for two wickets after 23 overs.

Rahul and Rohit continue their struggle

Indian cricket teams are currently struggling in front of South African bowlers. There is an unusual surge in the ball. After the 19 overs game ended, Team India made 68 runs on the loss of two wickets.

Virat Kohli out

In Southampton Virat Kohli showed great struggles during his batting. He scored 18 off 34 balls and lost his wicket on Fehlukuyo’s ball. India scored 54 runs for two wickets after 16 overs.

Virat’s slow batting

Captain Virat is batting very slow. He has just scored seven runs in 22 balls. The Indian team has scored 39 runs for the loss of one wicket after 12 overs.

Ten over game

The game of the tenth over has ended and Team India has scored 34 runs in the first Powerplay by losing one wicket. The slow start of Team India.

Virat Kohli against Rabada

Virat has played 159 balls in ODIs so far in which he has scored 107 runs. He has been out twice and his strike rate is 67.30. The Indian team has scored 14 runs in one over in seven overs. At present, Virat and Rohit are present on the crease.

India’s first wicket down

Indian team lost their wicket as Dhawan On Rabada, Dhawan gave his catch to D-Coak behind the wicket. Dhawan’s bat did not go in the first match of the World Cup and he got out just by making eight runs. The game of 5.1 overs has ended and India has scored 8 runs on a wicket.

3 over game

In reply to 228, India scored 10 runs without losing a wicket in 3 overs.

Indian innings begins

The team started the innings by Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma. In the first over, there were three runs. After one over, Team India has scored three runs without any loss.

Target of 228 runs

South Africa’s batting has been completed with the end of the 50-over game. South Africa scored a score of 227 runs for 7 wickets, and 228 for the Indian batsmen to make a winning start in the World Cup.

South Africa’s batting has been completed with the end of the 50-over game. South Africa scored a score of 227 runs for 7 wickets, and 228 for the Indian batsmen to make a winning start in the World Cup.

Found on the last ball
Bhuvneshwar got another wicket on the last ball of the over. Bhuvneshwar bowled Imran Tahir on the last ball.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets first wicket
Bhuvneshwar Kumar got the first wicket as Chris Morris in the last over. Chris Morris took a brilliant batting and took over South Africa’s fall and scored 42 runs.

Over 48 overs
The 48-over game is over and the two-over game is left. South Africa are moving ahead with a run rate of 4.54 and 218 runs in 7 wickets. Chris Morris and Rabada have kept the innings alive and both have completed their 60-run partnership.

200 runs complete
South Africa team finished with a total of 46 overs and scored 200 runs. So far 7 wickets have fallen. Bumrah’s 2 over is still left.

Improvement in run rate
After the completion of 40 overs, South Africa’s run rate has improved considerably. Right now the run rate of the team is 4.31, but there is more than 7 runs in the last 5 overs.

45 overs game complete – not yet 200
South Africa have batted 45 overs and so far South Africa have not crossed the 200 mark. South Africa has scored 192 runs losing 7 wickets. Chris Morris and Rabada are on the strike and are handling the innings.

Chris Morris handled the Front
Chris Morris is trying to increase the score on the scoreboard for South Africa. He made 21 runs off 16 balls. At the other end, Rabada is supporting them. 43 overs game is over and South Africa’s score is 182/7

Over 40 overs
India has completed 40 overs of bowling against South Africa. So far, the Indian bowlers have dropped South Africa 7 wickets and the team has scored 161 runs.

Chahal took 4th wicket
Another wicket in South Africa has also fallen in the 40th over. Chahal’s ball hit the ball to hit the shot.

Match six in the 39th over
The game of over 39 overs has ended, but Fehlukuyo hit the first six of the match on Kuldeep Yadav’s ball on the second ball of the 39th over.

Team is moving ahead of run rate of 3.83
South Africa’s innings were trying to take over the miller, but Chahal had already stopped them. By the time the 36 overs were complete, South Africa had 138 runs losing 6 wickets.

Chahal sent Phelrain to Miller
David Miller has been dismissed by 31 runs in the 36th over. Chahal made Miller target on the third ball over the over. Earlier, he took wickets in the 26th over.

Over game of 33 overs
South Africa has scored 127 runs for the end of the 33 overs game. Africa have lost 5 wickets. Although the wicket is not dropped from some overs, the batsmen of South Africa have failed to make runs and the score board is changing very slowly.

Bumrah’s excellent bowling continues, 31st over
Jasprit Bumrah is bowling in the 31st over, and in front of his bowling, the Africans have not been able to score any runs. Staying the 31st over Let us know that Bumrah has done fantastic bowling today. Bumrah has so far scored 7 runs and has scored 19 runs and also has 2 wickets.

Over 30 over game
By the end of the 30 overs, South Africa lost 123/5 to 123 runs. Right now South Africa is moving ahead with a run rate of 4.10. Miller and Fahlukuyo handle the innings at the same time.

South Africa’s scoreboard
Hashim Amla – 6
Quinton de coke – 10
Van fear tenth-22
JP Duminy – 3

South Africa’s run-rate slowed down
South Africa are progressing nicely and the speed of the run has also been greatly reduced. South Africa’s batsmen are proving to be a failure in front of Indian bowlers. Now the game of 28 overs has ended, and South Africa has scored 112 runs.

Over 25 overs
South Africa scored 103 runs and South Africa’s 5 wickets fell until the end of 25 overs. At the same time, David Miller and Fehlukiewo are on strike and handle the falling innings of South Africa.

JP Duminy also walked
India’s Kuldeep Yadav got JP Duminy out and gave another blow to South Africa. On the last ball of 23rd over, Yadav dismissed Duminy. At the end of 24 overs, South Africa lost 98 runs in 98 runs.

David Miller and JP Duminy handling the innings
After two wickets fall, the Indian bowlers have once again dominated South Africa. Now the curb is continuously curved. South Africa’s 88 runs have been scored till the end of 22 overs. Right now South Africa’s David Miller and JP Duminy are handling the innings.

Over 20 over game
After two wickets fall in the 20th over, South Africa’s innings have again faltered. South Africa lost 80 runs by losing four wickets to finish the over over 20 overs.

A jolt of affection in Africa
After the third wicket, South Africa’s fourth wicket has also fallen. India’s Yuswant Chahal put South Africa captain Duplessi on his spin and bowled them out. Chahal hit two wickets in an over and brought the South African innings back on to the backfoot.

Third blow to South Africa
South Africa has got a third setback as Van der Dahan. Van der Merwe, the pavilion has returned by scoring 22 runs on the first ball of the 10th over. The third wicket is taken by Yuvraj Singh. Now South Africa’s score is 78/3.

It is like bowling performances
In the bowlers, Bhuvneshwar Kumar (20 runs in 5 overs), Bumrah (13 in 5 overs), Hardik Pandya (42 runs) in 4 overs, Kuldeep Yadav (17 runs in 3 overs) and Chahal (4 for one) have scored four runs in one over. Bumrah got two wickets.

17 overs, South Africa made 71 runs
South Africa has scored 71 runs for 17 overs and two wickets have fallen. In the 17th over, Africa scored 9 runs in the 6th and 16th over.

Gradually moving partnership
After South Africa’s two wickets fell, van der Merwe and Captain Fauf Duplexi took over, and both the players have shared 47 runs.

Over 15 overs, South Africa – 56/2
The game has ended over 15 overs and is playing with South Africa’s run rate. So far South Africa’s score is 56/2. At the same time van der Dahlan and Captain Faup Duplessi are gradually pushing forward their partnership.

India’s fantastic bowling continues
India’s bowling has prevented South Africa from making runs and till the end of 13 overs, South Africa scored 43 runs in the score board. On the other hand, Bumrah, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, Hardik Pandya are consistently bowling well.

3 runs in 12th over
South Africa’s batsmen did not do anything special in the 12th over and were successful in making 3 runs. Now on the strike, van der Merwe and captain Faf du Plessis, who have shared 16 runs. This over was done by Kuldeep Yadav.

Over game over 11 overs
South Africa have made 37 runs for 2 wickets till the end of the 11th over, and South Africa are now proceeding with a run rate of 3.36. Earlier, 10th Bumrah did and scored 2 runs.

Just one run in the 9th over
The 9th over was also fantastic. Bhubaneswar Kumar is also performing well with Bumrah. In the 9th over, South Africa’s batsmen could only score a single run. Now van der Dahan and Captain Ff duplexy are on the strike.

Eighth over game

Bumrah is bowling for Kamal. In the eighth over, there was only one run. After the end of the over, Proteas scored 31 runs for two wickets. Bumrah has taken two wickets for 11 runs in his four overs so far.

Bumrah dismissed Dekk

Bumrah got the best bowling and caught the third slip on Deccoc. Virat has caught the catch of the duck. They scored ten runs. After seven overs, South Africa made 30 runs on the loss of two wickets.

D. Plessy’s catch

On the fifth ball of fifth over, Rohit left the catch at Du Plessis’s second slim. Bhuvi scored seven runs in this over and South Africa’s score was 22 runs at a loss of one wicket in five overs.

Over four over game

The fourth over game is over. It was a successful over for India and one wicket dropped. Bumrah scored five runs in this over. South Africa have scored 15 runs on the loss of one wicket after four overs.

Hashim Amla was out

Jaspreet Bumrah has given the Indian team the first success. This ball of Bumrahah was thrown at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour. Amla’s catch Rohit caught on the second slip. India’s first wicket for this World Cup was named Bumrahah. Amla lost his wicket on six runs.

Third over game

Bhuvneshwar scored six runs in this over. Amla hit the ball on the first ball of the over. These balls of Bhuvai were on the outside side of the off side. Amla took the ball a fantastic shot. After the third over, South Africa has scored ten runs.

Jaspreet Bumrah throws second over

In the second over, Bumrah also gave only two runs. Bumrah has bowled quite a few times. In this over, D-cock was run-out. Proteas scored four runs in two overs without losing any wicket.

Over game over

Bhuvneshwar Kumar scored two runs in the first over of the first innings. Amla and De Kock are unbeaten one run each. South Africa have scored two runs without loss.

Start of first innings

The first innings of India vs South Africa has started. Hashim Amla and Quinton de Coke have come to the initiative of the Proteas. Bhuvneshwar Kumar will throw the first over from India

Lokesh Rahul will play at number four

The suspense made at number four is over and Lokesh Rahul will be batting at this number. Team India has reached the ground with two fast bowlers and two spinners. Mo. Shami has not been given the chance. There is no Ravindra Jadeja in the last eleven. Hardik Pandya will play the role of third fast bowler in the team and Kedar Jadhav will be seen in the role of third spinner.

India’s Playing XI-

Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Lokesh Rahul, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuswandra Chahal, Jaspreet Bumrah

South Africa’s Playing XI

Quinton de Kock, Hashim Amla, Fif Duplessi (captain), van der Dahan, David Miller, JP Duminy, Fehlukuyo, Chris Maurice, Kagiso Rabada, Imran Tahir, Tabrez Shamsi

Hashim Amla’s return to the team

South Africa opener Hashim Amla has returned to the team for this match. He was unable to play due to injury in the last match. This team has landed with another spinner. Tabrez Shamsi has been given place in the last eleven. Adam Markram has been out of the playing XI.

Looking at the current situation of this World Cup, it seems that the South African team is under pressure after losing their first two matches, which could benefit Team India. Apart from this, the main bowlers of the team Dale Steyn have been out of the tournament and Lungi Nadidi is currently out of the team due to injury. That is, the bowling attack of the team has weakened right now. It can clearly benefit the team India.

There is no shortage of good batsmen in the South African team, but these teams have been scattered in two matches so far. Dikouc has played a good game, but he has not got much support from other batsmen such as Eden Markram, Captain Foop Duplessi, David Miller, Vander Dube or JP Duminy. The team’s key opener Hashim Amla’s ball was hit in the first match on the helmet and he got injured. After that he could not play in the second match. Now whether it will play against India or not, it is still suspense. At the moment, there are two key bowlers in the team who are very dangerous. Fast bowler Kagiso Rabada and spinner Imran Tahir are bowling well, but the bowling of these two will not be enough. In the team, there are bowlers such as Chris Maurice, Fehluwayo, who can do well.

Looking at Southampton’s weather, Team India will be most selective to select their last eleven players. Virat’s team has been here for the last several days, which will surely benefit the team but the selection of the right team will be very important. The Indian team looks balanced, according to the condition, it will be interesting to see what the team’s composition will be. Everyone who looks for it, especially for the number four, gets the place in the team. Looking at the condition here, it looks as if the team India can go on the field with three fast bowlers and a spinner. At the same time, as a hearty Pandya, there are four fast bowlers in the team, and whoever gets the opportunity from Kedar or Jadeja, it is going to be interesting to watch. Whatever the team, however, this is what Indian cricket fan wants that the team will start this tournament with victory.

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