ICC World Cup 2019 – India Vs Pakistan

ICC World 2019 Sports

In the World Cup, India will face Pakistan on June 16. The 66.6% of the matches in Old Trafford that the ticket has been bought by the Indian audience. According to the report of The Daily Mail, the British newspaper, the number of Pakistani fans in this match will be only 18.1%. Similarly, on June 30, India will compete against India in Edgbaston from host England. In this match too Indian fans will be more than British fans. There are 48 matches in this World Cup this time. People from 124 countries have bought tickets for these matches.

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55% of England-India matches have been bought by Team India’s Fans. Only 42% of British supporters receive tickets The viewer capacity of the Edgbaston Stadium is 24,500. Of this 13,500 tickets Indians and 10,300 tickets were bought by British people. According to the report, the cheapest ticket in black market is also available in about 50 thousand rupees.

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During the Pakistan-England match the umpire had given advice to the visiting team
On June 3, the Trent Bridge was a match between Pakistan and England. This match was won by Pakistan by 14 runs. During the match, Pakistani viewers tried to distract the attention of England player Chris Woakes. Wox had 4 catches. During the match, umpire Maris Erasmus told the English captain Joe Root and the players that they celebrate the celebration of the wicket away from the boundary line. Shortly after this instruction, Hafeez’s catch was left. At that time he was playing with 14 runs. After this, Hafeez scored 84 runs.

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