Delhi-Tourist Place Geography, Climate & Cultures


The journey of India is a unique experience in itself, and its capital Delhi will be an amit memoir. One of India’s largest cities is the perfect combination of Delhi, Antiquity and Modernity, which today has become the magical world of an industrial shell. Officially, the National Capital Territory (NCT) Delhi is called Delhi in Hindi. The capital of India is part of the New Delhi NCT, which is the second most populous city after Mumbai. In the mix of this enchanting new and old Delhi, you will find a collection of history, culture and amazement of India. It is not only the capital of the country but also the capital of political activities, which make it an idyllic place and attracts tourists to its peers.

Geography and climate of Delhi

Located at the height of 0 to 125 meters, Delhi is located in the north of India. In the east, Uttar Pradesh, whereas in the north, south and west there is Haryana, Delhi Ridge and Yamuna river are two main features of Delhi Geography. Yamuna river is the only major river of Delhi.

Delhi’s climate

Due to the subtropical atmosphere of Delhi, the summers here are very hot and dry, while in the winter there is so much cold that the whole of Delhi is covered with fog. The summer season lasts from April to June, while Rain Rutu starts in June and lasts for October. After this, winter starts in November.

Delhi’s Precious Culture

Like Delhi’s history, Delhi’s culture is also very diverse. Many Hindu festivals like Diwali, Mahavir Jayanti, Holi, Lohadi, Krishna Janmashtami are celebrated here, as well as many popular and unique festivals like Kutub festival, Vasant Panchami, World Book Fair and the International Fair Fest are also celebrated here. Delhi is where the Mughlai recipes originated, the effect of which we see in Delhi cuisines. Apart from these, many Indian dishes are also quite popular here. Among them, Kadahi Chicken, Chicken Butter, Chhat, Jalebi, Kachodi and Lassi are some of the famous Indian dishes in Delhi.

Do not forget to see these places in Delhi

Many monuments and tourist sites in Delhi are reminiscent of ancient times. The famous Qutub Minar, Red Fort, India Gate, Lotus Temple and Akshardham Temple are one of the masterpieces of the architecture of Delhi. In Delhi, you will get everything in one place, due to which it is also called “Shoppers Paradise”. The Capital of India and the Capital of Political Activities, the Parliament House in this delightful Delhi, the Rashtrapati Bhavan, which is the official residence of the President of India, Rajghat – Samadhi Memorial of Mahatma Gandhi and many other attractive places are present here. Delhi has been the capital of many empires and if you are a history lover, then at least once Delhi will have to come to see its detailed history. From the Qutub Minar to the Red Fort, there are many such historical monuments, mosques, cemeteries and many other heritage, which gives proof of its time. In this article we have seen you a small glimpse of Delhi. But its full pleasure will come only when you roam in Delhi. Come here right now. And we are sure that this song is definitely a song, “Basti is the Delhi of Delhi, the streets of Delhi, this is Delhi, my friend, bus Ishq, Love, love ….”.

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