Cherrapunji Tourism – Rain Valley of India

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Meghalaya is known all over the world due to Cherrapunji (popularly known as Sohra). When Cherrapunji is the hottest place on earth then it is very compelling. Wavy mountains, many waterfalls, a full view of the plains of Bangladesh and a glimpse of local tribal lifestyle make your visit to Cherrapunji memorable.

Swamped areas of Chera – Cherrapunji and its tourist sites nearby

Since Cherrapunji (literally means the location of the saints) has heavy rains all year round, therefore the soil here has become light, due to which the cultivation is almost impossible. This is because the upper layer of soil becomes weak due to continuous rainfall and forest erosion of years and the layer flows in next rain.

But due to continuous rains, there are many enthralling tourists in the area. Fountains like Mashimi, Nohkalikai, Dan Thalen, fall down into the cliffs of high mountains and present an unforgettable picture. It is necessary to tell about the beautiful Noahic fountain that it is one of the largest waterfalls in the country. In order to promote Cherrapunji Tourism, plenty of recreational activities have been provided at Sa-e-Mica Park.

Cherrapunji – Between Enchanting Scenes

You can reach the beautiful Cherrapunji by passing through Shilong and windy roads on windy roads and coming out of the wings and feeling the breeze of clouds on your face. Nature has a lot of love for Sohra, which has made it a holy tourist attraction. Cherrapunji’s tourism is not only the usual walk around, but also a lot of adventure tourism. From general tourist places to leak to tourist places, all are found in Cherrapunji.

Cherrapunji is a town in eastern Khasi hill district of Meghalaya. Located at an altitude of 1484 meters above sea level, Sohra is situated on a plateau where the unearthed plains of Bangladesh are visible. According to the most reliable data, Cherrapunji has a rainfall of 463.66 inches per year, and this place is one of the lowest places on this planet.

History of Cherrapunji – Advent of British and community change

Nowadays, the working style of the area has affected it very much by coming to the British hills. As a political messenger of the East India Company, David Scott came to Cherrapungi in the beginning of the 19th century, from East Bengal of that time. In the time of Scott, Cherrapunji became known as Chestestation and he made it the official headquarters of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills.

After this it was also the capital of Assam and later the British made Shilong the capital. After the arrival of the Welsh Mission, special changes in Sohra Cherrapunji made a lot of progress under the leadership of William Carey under the Willes mission. Another social worker named Thomas Jones developed the techniques of farming in tribal groups of the Khasi and Jaintia hills. In fact, the first cathedral of Northeast India was built in Cherrapunji in 1820.

However, the social work organization continued to work for the development of the tribal community but the British took the geographical advantage of Chera soon. One was closer to the Sylhet plain and on the other, the hills of Assam made it an ideal administrative center. Good weather conditions made it even better

How to reach Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji is 55 km away from Shilong and it takes two hours to reach this tourist spot. Between Shillong and Cherrapunji, road transport is very good and with the help of personal vehicles, the government traffic is always available.

Cherrapunji season

Cherrapunji has an annual rainfall of 11931.7 mm. In Sohar, tourists face constant rain because there is a possibility of heavy rains at any time. During the summer when the rain is low, the weather becomes very sticky and hot.

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