Best Adventure Places in India


In India, if you are talking about adventure and planning to go there, you first remember Goa and Andaman. But only here or there have been roaming places like Rishikesh, now you are Sunderbans, Kolad, Alipay, Kamshet and Sangla, where you will enjoy after enjoying and will feel that this time you have collected your entire money on the trip.

If you like jungle safari or paragliding or stopping in the tents on the river or enjoy fishing or you want to rafar river then you will get an opportunity to enjoy all these things here. So let’s tell you where you should go for adventure, so much fun to get you the full money.


Adventure places india sunderbun tiger

The Sundarbans extends from India to Bangladesh. Sundarbans is the world’s largest river delta where you get the opportunity to see ‘Bengal Tiger’. If you like Jungle Safari and you want to see the Bengal Tiger, then you go to Sundarbans and you will find the Tiger footprints grow. You will find here not a two but a large number of Bengal Tigers together. Do not go roaming like this and go safari with you safely, because these tigers are cannibals. Where you will find deer, monkeys, bears and many other animals besides the Bengali Tiger, that is, if you have a craze of an adventure like Jungle Safari, then you will be happy to go here.


Adventure places india kolad

If you are interested in River Rafting, then you should go to Kolad, along with the White Water River, together with many adventure spots you will meet here to have fun. You will find a lot to hang out with your friends or with a girls gang. In one of your trips you will have to do something that you will be able to recover all the money and return home.


Alleppey Adventure places india

Take a lot to roam around Aloe, but especially if you feel like staying in the house boat and you are a nature lover, you should go to the Alipeen. Here you will get a chance to stay on the boat as you would like to eat and drink in the middle of the water. Believe me when evening tea will be in your hands and if you want to take fresh air sitting in the house boat, Feeling you feel here will not be in any other corner of the world. Apart from this, there are plenty of options for adventure here.


kamshet adventure places india

Kamshet, 110 km from Mumbai, is famous for paragliding. If you take the opportunity to fly in the air and feel this adventure once, then you will find all the adventures less than that. In special work, from the middle of the mountains, when you reach the level of paragliding, you may want to go again, you may want to paragliding 2-3 times in a single day at the same time. Here your safety is taken care of more and there is a good quality belt on the paragliding seating seat, which you check the expert before sending it to the adventure.


sangla adventure places india

Going to such a place on the mountains where you see dead end and you are afraid to go there and be pleased with the adventure if you have to go to such a place, then you will definitely go to the place.

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