Things, That Make India Proudly Incredible

India is a country of diversities, whose diverse beauty can be easily seen from the food and the living here. One thing is said about India that every 100 km, the dialect of the region and language changes every 300 km. That is, it is a matter of pride that we were born in a country which is far ahead of the rest of the world in terms of linguistic treasure.

In matters of folk art-culture, traditional food, dance and music, India also holds a separate place in the world. Therefore, India is counted among the most selected countries of the entire world. Today in this special article, we will talk about those variations of India, due to which the country, India enjoys the status of ‘Incredible India’.

Best Things that makes India “Incredible”

Country of Festivals, India


India is said to be a country of festivals, here people of different religions celebrate innumerable festivals year-round with joyousness. Major festivals like Holi, Dussehra, Diwali, Eid, Durga Puja etc. are also attended by people from all over the world to participate in festivals. Especially Holi and Diwali of India are famous all over the world. Some festivals are associated with the mythological period of India, which are followed in full law, while some festivals are celebrated in the form of happiness such as Makar Sankranti. Part of the folk culture of India, these festivals showcase unity in India’s diversity. Here people of every religion take part in each other’s festivals.

Delicious Traditional Food


If you want to understand the diversity of India closely, then definitely taste the traditional dishes and cuisines of different states of India. All the states of India from North to South or East to West are world famous for their special meals. The states close to the seashore (Goa, Bengal, Odisha) are known for their sea foods, while the northern Gangetic plain states are known for delicious vegetarian dishes. Apart from this, states like Hyderabad, Lucknow and Bhopal are known for their non-veg foods. If you are fond of sweets, then travel to West Bengal… Seeing the world famous Rosogulla there, your mouth will definitely get water.

Rich in Natural Sights


Apart from the delicacies and festivals, the natural beauty of India land is no surprise, here you will see everything from hot desert to snow covered, beaches to snowy plains. The Himalayas are considered to be the pride of India, the Indian states falling under its territory are considered much more advanced in terms of tourism. Kashmir of India enjoys the status of heaven on earth. Whose fans come from all over the world to enjoy the litigants. You can enjoy all types of weather and places here. Diversity is present in every region of India.

Yoga & Spirituality


You will be proud to know that in the field of Yoga-Spirituality is considered a world guru. India has been following its sage tradition for a long time. Tourists from different parts of the world knock on the doors of India in search of spiritual and mental peace. And India respects the hospitality of all the dignitaries who follow the principles of the guest of hospitality. Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh of India are considered ideal places for spiritual activities. Rishikesh and Haridwar in Uttarakhand have many famous ashrams and yogashalas, where people come from all over the world to get a compound and spiritual experience.

Historical Background

Historic Buildings

Apart from the above characteristics, India is also known for its glorious history. In the fascination of the beauty of the land of India, the British were subjugated by the Mughals… all tried to capture India but they all had to bow down in front of the greatness of India. India is a historical land strewn with the blood and sweat of valiant warriors, to see which hundreds of tourists travel here every day.

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